Does Your Law Practice Have A Sustainable Marketing Machine?

According to Michael Gerber, author of the best-selling book “The EMyth”, most businesses are started by what he calls ‘technician’ people, who are experts in their own technical specialty.

For example, an expert, experienced lawyer working for a large firm may eventually decide to launch his own law practice and keep all the profits. Initially, it seems easy because he already knows how to deliver satisfactory services to clients.

BUT, the surprise comes when he suddenly finds himself doing a lot of other things which are not his expertise, like hiring staff, managing books, marketing for his company, and so on.

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One common solution is that you research and read and learn to do all these new things. However, you reach a dead end when these secondary things begin to take all your time.

And you suddenly find yourself lacking the time to service your existing clientele.

At this point, many solo businesses halt their efforts to generate new clients because that requires marketing which requires their time, and they have a perfect excuse that they already have more clients than they can handle.

That, actually, is one of the worst lies an entrepreneur can tell himself.

Coming back to our discussion, here’s how real entrepreneurs deal with this common problem.

They systemize things. They create processes and systems to keep a check, and then hire other people to manage all those extra things that were never their specialty.

“An intelligent person hires people who are more intelligent than he is.” – Robert Kiyosaki (author of best-seller Rich Dad Poor Dad)

They stick to their expert area and in fact they scale even in that area by hiring more people to assist them. A growing law practice must hire new lawyers to take over the extra work load.

The systems you create must be reliable and repeatable. They should continuously bring same or similar results when used.

Here’s the most important piece of business advice I received from a mentor:

“A prosperous business does two things. It repeatedly and sustainably finds buyers, and it repeatedly and sustainably delivers the goods.”

And another one said:

“Marketing done right is like a vending machine NOT like a slot machine!”


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Translating that into systems, it means you need systems for at least 2 things to successfully run and grow your business.

1) You need a system that will continuously generate new business for you, sustainably (if you generate leads but pay more per lead than you make from each, then you are actually on your path to bankruptcy).

2) And you need a system to deliver services to your clients.

This latter is something most ‘technician’ businesses do very well because that’s their area of expertise.

But where most businesses initially struggle is in creating a system that is reliable and can repeatedly generate new business for them.

In today’s world of marketing, for most small local businesses, offline mediums like yellow pages, TV, Radio, etc are either dead or dying.

In addition, those mediums that still work usually cost a lot and are unaffordable for small businesses.

When it comes to online marketing, for most local businesses, Google Adwords is the best medium that you can use as a reliable system to generate new business repeatedly.

SEO is good as well, and you should invest in it, but it isn’t reliable. The next major Google algorithm update might make or break your business.

With Google Adwords, you can put in a small test budget, structure the account as per best practices, ensure your landing page is optimized and write ads that will attract the right type of people.

Remember, the reality is if you cannot repeatedly and sustainably find new buyers for your business, you don’t have a business.

And Adwords does just that for you…

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